Beautiful Hiking Weather!

Stroll thru Jenkins Arboretum

On Thursday, May 6th, 17 Buck Ridge hikers strolled through the blooming azaleas at Jenkins Arboretum. We took our time to leisurely appreciate the many varieties and colors of the blooms. Since this was our first planned activity since COVID, we lounged on their outside deck afterward, snacked, and just relaxed in the sunshine each other’s company. What a glorious day!!

Hike at Tyler Arboretum

The weather was perfect on May 27th when 15 Buck Ridgers gathered to do a moderate 5 mile hike at Tyler Arboretum.
Paul Pitts led the group to the serpentine barron, named for greenish bedrock, a result of the crashing of tectonic plates over the 480 million years ago.  Serpentine rock is typically found on the bottom of oceans. The serpentines are rich in many minerals, as a result, they are home to rare plants and pollinators. We ate lunch at a beautiful rocky section of Rocky Run creek.
Near the end of the hike we passed through Tyler’s nationally known rhododendron collection, many of which were still in bloom. We checked out the edible garden and ended with a cool and shady walk through the woodland garden.