Elk Mountain

A Journey West…to Northeastern Pennsylvania

Author: Adam Kaufman

Posted: Jan. 13, 2021 on Ice Coast Magizine 


Sitting by my window over the recent Christmas holiday weekend, I stared wistfully at the melting snow outside my house in the lower Hudson Valley. Like the dying embers of a fire, the once robust piles slowly receded, soaking the sad brown grass underneath…..

All I wanted to do was ski, but crowded white ribbons of death are a tough sell in October, let alone in late December.

The only answer was to head west. And so I did…to Pennsylvania.

We’ve all met people who ski in the Keystone State. They live in Philly or New Jersey or Maryland, and we meet them on the chair on their trips to the Catskills, Mount Snow, or Killington. It can be icy and scraped off on a busy Saturday, or damp and gray with a bone-chilling drizzle, but they’re living it up and raving about the soft snow. 


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